Orlando, FL Overview

Take a family vacation to Orlando, Florida. Every child's dream (and some adults) is to visit Disneyland. There are plenty of themed resorts for the kids as well as luxurious retreats for parents. Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Disney MGM Studios are just a few great attractions for the whole family. Buy Attraction Tickets in advance to avoid long lines.


City Information 

"Zippy Doo Dah, Zippy Ay, My Oh My What A Wonderful Day"!!! And what a wonderful day (or week or two) for anyone visiting this magical place.  If you are trying to avoid the crowds, the period from the Sunday after Thanksgiving until the week before Christmas tends to be the least crowded. Christmas and spring vacations, and of course, summer, when school is out, are all popular seasons for the Lake Buena Vista/ Orlando area.

What many visitors think of as Orlando, is actually Lake Buena Vista, the Orlando suburb that lies at the heart of Disneyworld. Visitors from around the globe flock to this destination to experience the magic that is Disney in the form of Animal Kingdom, Fort Wilderness, Epcot, MGM Studios, and the park that started it all: the Magic Kingdom. Additionally there is Downtown Disney, three water parks, Pleasure Island, five championship golf courses, Disney's Wide World of Sports complex, a racetrack and restaurants to satisfy anyone's taste. All of these wonders have become synonymous with Orlando, and, indeed, have made the young city of Orlando the world's most popular vacation spot.

The area enjoys year round mild weather. There are no "snow days"!!!.  Summer can be very warm and humid. Shorts are acceptable wear at all of the major attractions and at most restaurants. Summer is also the perfect time to enjoy one of the numerous water theme parks in the area. Jump in and cool off, the water's fine!


Attractions/Things To Do

Dinner theaters provide a unique form of entertainment. There are a variety of venues including a Pirate adventure, Medieval Times, Arabian Nights, (complete with horses), a Dixie Stampede, and even a Sleuths' Mystery. What a great way to relax and unwind after an invigorating day at the parks.

Shopping in the Orlando area has as much variety as the local attractions. Souvenirs and mementoes for the family and for friends back home are easy to find. Outlet centers and factory stores abound and offer some of the best bargains in town for everything from shoes and clothing to household appliances and fine china. Shopping areas in Orlando and Kissimmee are popular for their fun environments, such as the Disney Village Market Place and Old Town in Kissimmee.


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